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Phone-Exposed Kallitype Print
7.4275" x 4.25"

We've become accustomed to taking digital photos, but at the expense of creating physical prints. So I thought that it would be pretty great if our smartphones could be used in a creative way to fill this void. After a lot of experimentation, I discovered that older photochemical processes could be modified to fit our cellphone's display. Traditionally these processes would use a method called "Contact Printing," by which a film negative or piece of acetate/polyester containing a negative image would be placed on coated paper. After exposure to Ultraviolet light (sunlight), a positive image would be formed. Our phones don't emit UV light, but they do emit blue light, which is close. And as it turns out, by modifying one of these photochemical processes (The Kallitype), you can make a photochemical piece of paper that's sensitive to blue light! And thus, sensitive to your smartphone!

Step by Step is Here