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Solace no. 3
Solace no. 3
Fine Art Inkjet Print
36 (w) x 24 (h) inches

I travel at night, when my visual certainty is poor. I find myself in spaces temporarily void of human contact, caught in a state of transition, and illuminated by low light. Planes shift in and out of my frame as I connect the lines that lead me through each conscious moment. I feel tense, but calm; I am an intruder navigating an ambiguous framework between space and light. Rooms connect as my mind wanders, and the slow hum of my mediated footsteps leads me to uncertain destinations. Psychologically charged, these liminal spaces see more construction with each visit. Wide, rectangular frames eventually form glass windows, while splattered concrete facades coagulate into pristine white walls. My photographs attempt to amplify this confusing and apprehensive transformation. Extreme perspectives and multiple vanishing points lead to uncertain destinations, while indeterminable objects and forms rise out of the dimly lit rooms. Here, I seek an emotional contemplation. I want viewers to stand before these images and become lost in their visual confusion, to find consolation in the stillness of an undecided world.